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Contact Me

Send me an email if you are interested in contract work or consultation.

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Ariel Guzman

This is me!

I'm a professional software engineer, developer and designer. I am also a practicing philosopher and illustrator.

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I am owner of this software development company since 2016.

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Yllamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo.


Mangree is a custom CSS & Javascript framework used for testing and building a UI.

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Source Code

CodeSource is a reference guide to developing a single page application by level of difficulty. Work in progress.

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Boilerplate is meant to be a quickstart template to web development.

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My first basic webpage.

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PnD test

This is was my second website. Uses jquery slides, sectional layout, sprites, back to top.

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PnD v2

This is was my portfolio site version 2. V1 was a muse site but it was too basic to include here.

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Real Estate

My first site using boostrap framework, svg, animation, google maps, fullscreen slides, and modern layout.

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I keep experiments and interview solutions in my jsfiddle account. The link is one example

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I'm building an open source RESTful API for ERC20 tokens and Ethereum. Smart Contract via Truffle and Open Zeppelin.

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I'm building an open source RESTful API for Stellar assets.

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I lead the development and DevOps of this website within a EhSpook team.

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React/Redux Calendar

Small project used to test react/redux.

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PHP Hacking

Samples of web vulnerabilities when using php

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Wordpress Plugin Samples

This repo documents my process in making custom plugin examples

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Graphic Design

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PnD v3

Version 3 of my portfolio site and prior to this current one.

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Business Cards

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Web Design

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Prototyping for web and mobile apps.

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Software Engineering/Development

Cultivating a general set of skills within various technologies and languages. Specializing as required and concentrating on developing advanced engineering and development skills across different size teams, stacks, architectures and challenges.


HTML5/CSS3/Javascript: Ability to design, code and update responsive websites.

PSD to fully coded Website & Email

Javascript: JQuery, AJAX, JSON, ES5-ES7 & JSX

Frameworks/Libraries: React, Angular, VueJS, Webpack, SemanticUI, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Storybook


Server: NodeJS/Express, Apache, Nginx, Websockets, Webhooks

PHP: proficient in PHP 7.1 development using Symfony framework and Wordpress 

Python: proficient in Python 2&3 development and working knowledge of Django, Flask Frameworks

Ruby: proficient in Ruby development and some experience with Ruby on Rails

C++: building and compiling programs along with working knowledge of Qt


Software Development Life Cycle: experience in the entire process with focus on requirement gathering, analysis, design, communication, development, operations and maintenance

Unit Testing: behavior driven development (BDD) & Test driven development (TDD), Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, Supertest

Programming paradigms: imperative (OOP, parallel/asynchronous, procedural), event driven(pub/sub, websockets, webhooks, REST hooks, Google Cloud Functions/AWS Lambda, message brokers, reactive via RxJS), declarative (chef, sql, dockerfiles and other configuration formats)

Software Architecture: Event-driven, Domain-drive, Monolithic, Microservice

Web App Development: MVC/MVVM/MV*, Restful API, GraphQL

Mobile Development: working knowledge of Xcode and Android Studio and building hybrid apps via ReactNative and Ionic/Cordova

Operating Systems (OS): OSX, Linux(Ubuntu, CentOS), Windows 10, Virtual Machines, Docker

Stacks: working knowledge of XAMPP/MAMP/WAMP/LEMP(Nginx), MEAN, MERN, JAMstack(

Databases: mySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, etc

Hosting: FTP, SFTP, SSH, SCP, Shared & Virtual Server Cloud (VPS) hosting management and performing server setup and backups

DevOps/SysAdmin: knowledge of Continuous Integration (CI) (via Jenkins, Travis, Gitlab CI), infrastructure & virtualization (KVM, Vagrant & AWS OpsWorks), Quality Assurance, CyberSecurity (pen testing, whitehat hacking), Log Analysis and Metrics (Elastic Stack), Deployments and Automation (Chef, Gitlab CI/CD)

WordPress Development: child theme updates, full theme build, SEO, plugin & theme development, Wordpress API, Woocommerce

Shopify Development: theme and landing page development, experience with ecommerce functionality

My Workflow

HTML template engines/languages: PugJS, Haml, SlimJS, HandlebarsJS, Liquid

CSS: Sass/Scss, Less, Stylus

Javascript: JQuery, NodeJS, ES5, ES6 & JSX, AJAX

JS module loaders: RequireJS (AMD), Browserify, Webpack

Static Site Generators: Jekyll, GatsbyJS

Hosting: Digital Ocean, Linode, Cloud Services

Task Runners/Build/Automations: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, NPM scripts

Cross-browser: Html5Shiv, Modernizr, Normalize.css, Browserstack

Package Managers: NPM/Yarn, Bower, Bundler (Ruby), Pip (Python)

Compilers: Clang C++, GCC

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Mangree (custom:, Flask, Django, Sinatra, Express, FeathersJS, Symfony, Jekyll, Gatsby

Shell: Bash (UNIX Shell), Command Prompt & Batch Scripting(Windows)

Version Control: Git

Code repositories: Github (, BitBucket, Gitlab

Online Editors: Codepen (, JsFiddle, Codesandbox

Project Management: Atlassian Suite, Trello, Meistertask, Asana, Airtable

Editors: Atom, Brackets, Visual Studio, Vim/Vi, Nano

Communication: Slack, Hipchat,, Zoom

Graphic Editors: Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD)

Platforms: Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, BoltCMS and others

Languages: Language agnostic but have experience with Javascript, Typescript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, C#, C++/Qt/QML, .NET/ASP.NET, Rust, Haskell, YAML, TOML, JSON, XML

Web Design

Proficient in Adobe suite, particularly Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Muse.

Web Design Process – Wireframe creation, PSD website design, Adobe XD prototyping, Web banners, simple gif animations.

Graphic Design

Identity design, stationary – comfortable using templates, grids or creating new designs (e.g. logos, brochures, etc.).


Traditional and digital media, comfortable with portraits, concept sketches and digital painting. Familiar with technical drawing, perspective and basic industrial design techniques using markers and pens.


These skills constitute a broad range of abilities within the discipline such as logic, critical thinking, analytical, problem-solving, research, communication (oral and written), organizational (independent, initiative, time management), interpersonal (flexibility and adaptability)


Languages: English(Fluent), Spanish(Fluent), Italian(Basic), German(Basic), Arabic(Basic)

Cross-browser testing & Responsive web design/development

Web design / UI / UX / Semantic Markup

Cloud Services: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Marketing: SEO, Open graph, Email marketing (MailChimp)

Blockchain: Ethereum (Smart Contracts & Tokens: ERC20/721/777) and Stellar development and several other blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin & related forks, 0x, EOS, Ethereum Classic, Lightning Network

CyberSecurity (Basic): Penetration Testing, Whitehat hacking

AI/Machine Learning (Ongoing): Deep & Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Trading Bot (Gekko)

For Fun (Street Cred): can solve 3x3/2x2 Rubik’s Cube,Balibong flipping, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon Cards Collector, Mario & Final Fantasy games, Sci Fi Movies & TV shows, Concept Design/Art and Electronics tinkerer.

Work Experience

June 2019 - Present – Co-Founder & Software Engineer at DayTraders

  • Software engineer & consultant with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning,and Blockchain. Work also explored Sentiment analysis, Deep & Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Data Science, Blockchain trading and analysis, UI/UX, DevOps, SoftwareArchitecture, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, as well as various entrepreneurial tasks and duties.

October 2016 - Present – Founder & Software Engineer at EhSpook

  • EhSpook is a software development company. Perform engineering, entrepreneurial and management tasks. Work with various clients and projects across a broad range of stacks and web services including Wordpress, Web/Mobile App Development, consulting, design and illustration.

October 2017 – December 2018 – Full Stack Developer at Threebx (Start Up)

  • Part of a small team of developers responsible for building and maintaining web, mobile, desktop applications and RESTful APIs using PHP (via Symfony), NodeJS (ES5-7 and Typescript), Python, C++, MERN (with FeatherJS) stack, Docker, AWS. Also worked in DevOps, Architecture, and on various blockchain networks.

June 2018 – August 2018 – Full Stack Developer at Smorgborg (Start Up)

  • Part of a small team of developers responsible for building a web application for organizations using React, Redux, Redux-Sagas, and GraphQL.

February 2017 – November 2017 – Front End Web Developer at

  • Built and Modified websites using a proprietary CMS with Django & Less. 

October 2010- October 2016 - Logistician at U.S. Air Force

  • Performed responsibilities as a logician and manager within the supply chain of small and large teams.

June 2007- June2010 - Freelance Design work

  • Worked on various independent projects while in college. Gained experience working for a variety of clients with different needs and expectations.

June 2005-May 2008 - Carpenter

  • Developed hand-eye coordination, endurance, and team-work.


Bachelors in Philosophy, Spring 2019 – University of Maryland University College

Associates in Logistics, 2016 – Air University, Community College of the Air Force

Associates in Communication Design, 2010 – Northern Virginia Community College

Associates in Interactive Design,2010 - Northern Virginia Community College

Advance Leadership and Management Development Course, 2015 – via U.S. Air Force